Monday, April 18, 2011

First Alpha Preview!

Here's our first public sneak peak at the mobile platform game that's been keeping us so busy! Its a little rough around the edges, but we have a blast playing it and thought we'd share it. This preview has been adapted to run on your personal computer.

  • Up/Down arrow keys: Toggles your plane speed slow/fast
  • Left/Right arrow keys: Turn
  • Left mouse click: Move in direction of click location
  • Backspace key: Leave game/return to menu
  • Escape key: Leave store
  • Kill the enemy (red) planes to win.
  • Kill small drone planes to get money.
  • Use your money by returning to your runway/carrier.
  • Advance your fleet by shooting the battleships, but watch out because they are quite deadly!
  • Organize your friends to play multiplayer with you (because this is our first preview, we won't have many people waiting around on the servers for you to play with them).
Help us out:
  • Please comment with your feedback, opinions, suggestions and ideas.
  • If you like, send us a recording to of you playing while you woo and holler with your screen recording software.
  • Stay informed. Get ready for more changes, improvements, a Kickstarter page, an Android release, and more.
Click here to download to play on your personal computer.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Brain Trust

Wanna put in your two cents? Brewengine is putting together a group of participants were calling "The Brain Trust". We're currently in the process of putting together the most epic dogfighing game ever seen on a mobile device and we're going to be relying on the brain trust in the coming days for feedback and guidance. Fill out the form after the jump and let us know at what level you would like to be involved.

Its a bird. Its a plane. Its the next big thing in mobile gaming.

Ya I know. I was surprised too but headlines don't lie. We are making a new game. While we're a little short on the details at the moment and things are fully open to change here is what I can tell you.

This is a DOTA style multiplayer dogfighting game primarily targeted to mobile devices.

The game takes place in the 1940s. You are a pilot charged with protecting your forces, dominating the air and destroying the enemy's position. As you acquire more kills you are able to purchase upgrades for yourself and your fellow pilots. You must out fly and out think your opponents to be successful.

Screenshots available after the jump.