Thursday, March 22, 2012

Saver Da Bunnies

We've had a blast developing this game and now we're so excited to release it to you! The graphics were all done in-house, one of our developers had some hidden talent we didn't know about and we forced him learn Illustrator from the ground up! The sound effects were especially fun to make, using Audacity to record our/friend's voices and alter the pitch and speed until it sounded JUST right. Thanks to all of our friends (and their friends) who helped us with test and user studies, lots of excellent feedback to make this game great!

...and it's our pleasure to give a brief introduction to the characters in the game:

These are the cute bunnies you want to save.

Oh noes, foxes! Yes, despite how cute these guys are, you need to avoid them or they'll get your bunnies!

It's free on the Android Market! Available right now!